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Our Mission Statement

For every woman to smile bigger, laugh harder, and reflect deeper than they ever have before.
We ignite passion through impactful travel, and we are proud of it.

About Us

We are dreamers. We are thinkers. We are givers. We are adventurous, soulful, inspiring, uplifting and ambitious. We are women who travel the world… and we are taking you with us.

Australian-owned with staff in all corners of the globe; we identify fore mostly as citizens of the world. We are a community of women travellers who are enthralled by culture, enlightened by travel and enamoured with adventure. We make it our purpose to bring like-minded women together to embark on once in a lifetime opportunities for external and internal exploration.

What inspires us: Seeing the world. Exploring cultures. Disconnecting. Reconnecting. You.

Our tours are different. They are innovative. They are creative. They are inspiring.

We offer specially crafted experiences from our female travel gurus and local culture aficionados. Our intimate trips will awaken your senses, refresh your palate, and satiate your wanderlust.

Each journey presents an opportunity for you to take on adventure, explore cultures, cultivate friendships, and reflect.

We welcome all women with only one requirement: that you “free your inhibition

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