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ALL THE LOVELY PEOPLE… our fabulous staff have been hand picked from around the globe.

Fani Lopez

Tour Curator/Leader


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Fani is Spanish born, living in France and working abroad… you could say she certainly makes the most of her passport. Fani is incredibly passionate about nature and traveling. Having studied Geology and Environment, this inspired her travel through 20 countries across four different continents. These are just some of the reasons why five years ago, Fani decided to develop a professional career helping people to discover magical places.

During your journey Fani will show why you Iceland is known as the land of Ice and Fire. Volcanoes and glaciers carving this untamed land, making the landscapes unreal. Fani likes to treat her groups like a big family; you will share experiences, laughs, moments of tranquillity and heart pumping activities.

“I am delighted to be your tour leader in Iceland !!

Next on your bucket list?
Patagonia, US states New York & California, Croatia, Namibia, Mongolia and Antarctica! I love to discover places with different cultures and landscapes!
Favourite quote?
"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!" Phyllis Diller
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Chelsea Gilson

Tour Director/Leader

USA and beyond

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Chelsea was raised on a small piece of farmland right near Plymouth, MA. Whilst always adventurous, her passion for travel didn’t develop until college when a friend convinced her to study abroad. There, in Granada, Spain, she fell in love with the world and exploring other cultures. Each weekend they would take a trip to another city in Europe and always felt like her eyes couldn’t open wide enough to take it all in.

Returning to college, Chelsea finished a double major in Psychology and Spanish while starting a hobby travel blog to recount stories from Europe. After graduation, she moved west to California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Chelsea has worked in casting, as an agent, as an actress.. but best of all, as a travel host! Hosting a road trip show for Weather Channel, a fun show for Travel Channel, and a few independent projects through South and Latin America.

Simultaneously, the blog had started a life of its own and she began consulting other companies and creating content for a number of publications and sites. When Chelsea isn’t traveling independently, she works on mastering new yoga moves and hiking with her two dogs.

Next on your bucket list?
I am absolutely itching to get to South Africa.
Favourite quote?
“Live with intention, play with abandon.”
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Rania Anwar

Tour Leader


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Rania is a Jordanian licensed tour guide and program director.

Rania is one of a very few female guides in Jordan. Rania loves her country and is a true host for Jordan.

Fascinated as well with the history, culture, religion and traditions, that gave her the passion to introduce it to her travelers. Beside talking about women’s empowerment
and rights in the Jordanian society.

Rania also showed a lot of interest with Cruise Ship Line and started several specialized courses to be a program director and tour leader in Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

What motivates Rania is that she likes meeting people from different cultures, to build a bridge of love and create the atmosphere of peace among people and lighting the spot and giving her travelers an experience with locals.

Rania is presence is delightful to be around, she loves to make others laugh and feel like they are part of her own family.

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Favourite quote?
"What goes around, comes around"
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Ahlam Serhan

Yoga Instructor


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Ahlam Serhan (which literally translates to “Dreams Daydreaming”, as Alham says “what were my parents thinking, right?”) Ahlam is honoured and happy to be your Yoga instructor in Jordan. She is a Palestinian residing in Jordan, whom like any other was living by the book.

Graduating from the school of Architecture she later realized that this did not offer her the life she so deeply desired. Hence she found her path in the outdoor adventures of climbing, hiking and travel. One thing led to another and voila! She was met with Yoga and AcroYoga and has since never looked back.

Whilst practicing various kinds of sports; yoga brought the most joy and happiness, which led to becoming a certified Yoga instructor. Her passion for this practice drove her to travel and meet fellow instructors and practitioners thus enriching her knowledge in order to deliver more and in constant seek of self-improvement and inspiration.

Showing the way of Yoga is like showing the way of finding your peace in the chaos of life, that’s what Ahlam believes. For this reason Alham focuses on giving classes and retreats in Jordan and around the Middle East region, hoping to help spread the joy and peace of Yoga and expand the community that shares the same passion.

Next on your bucket list?
Everywhere! But if I had to choose I’d probably say Cuba, always been on my travel list but haven’t had the chance yet.
Favourite quote?
“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it's yours.” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
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Jordan Ashley

Founder of Souljourn Yoga/Yoga instructor

“Give-Back” Tours Partner

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Jordan Ashley is the founder of Souljourn Yoga Foundation a non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for girls education in developing countries through global yoga retreats.

Drawing on her experience of journalism, travel, and being a full time yoga teacher, she created Souljourn Yoga as an avenue for the practitioner who wants more than just “down dog” and to expand the need for equal education across the globe.

Next on your bucket list?
Favourite quote?
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." FERRIS BUELLER
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Kate Magic

Raw Foods Expert

Iceland Raw Foods Workshops

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Joining our Iceland tour, Kate is a globally renowned Raw foods expert. Creative director of and author of three best-selling raw recipe books.

Kate will be giving a 3-hour Gourmet Raw foods workshop. We will also be indulging in a delicious private 5 course dinner party prepared by Kate herself in a beautiful setting overlooking the stunning Icelandic landscape.

Kate has been teaching classes on raw foods for 15 years, and travelled to over 20 countries. She is consultant chef for London’s newest raw eatery, Rawligion.

Each lady who embarks on our tour to Iceland will take a slice of goodness home to enjoy long after our rejuvenating experience. A copy of Kate’s recipe book “Raw Magic” will be given to each guest.

We are secretly planning a Vegan culinary holiday in Italy for 2018/2019; we are delighted Kate
will also be on board for this delicious vacation.

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